Founded in 2006 to defy convention in sustainable development, MIDAR is one of Egypt’s largest and leading master developers specialized in introducing world-class urban concepts that put innovation at their heart. Since its inception, the company has adopted an optimistic vision of the future where architecture, urbanism and nature expertly find a new kind of balance to inspire residents and developers alike. By putting sustainable economic value and green living at its philosophy’s forefront, MIDAR focuses on expansive urban planning that responds to the local environment, as well as combining the diverse needs of developers under one roof.
Consequently, the company strives to create a comprehensive model that not only invites developers to operate in state-of-the-art contexts enriched with top-notch services, but also attracts communities to enjoy an authentic quality life, shaping a better, sustainable tomorrow for everyone.
In 2008, MIDAR’s commitment to exceptional quality has been crowned by sponsoring the Housing Minister’s decree to become the sole master planner and urban developer of Egypt’s largest green mega cities. From comprehensive urban planning and designing the cities key guidelines to securing governmental approvals to construct cutting-edge infrastructure spanning safe road networks, self-sufficient electricity and water power stations, as well as gas pipelines, MIDAR sets the benchmark in integration that will change the face of Egypt’s real estate industry with an emphasis on sustainability.
With an eye for excellence and a pledge to create remarkable investment value, the company relies on contracting leading regional experts in every field, supported by its strategic shareholders expertise to introduce a progressive alchemy that mixes vital ingredients such as living, leisure, entertainment and nature to find the creative freedom that would change the environment to better fit contemporary lifestyles.