• El Mostakbal has boomed with strength in a race with time, to prove its ability as a Mater Developer , It  Strives to prove that it is operating on the fastest pace of achievements in the developments of Mostakbal City by standing hand in hand with all the developers involved in the development of Mostakbal City . Our Duty is to ensure that the developers are always evolving in planning and goal setting , with the firm belief that co-operation is the way to brighter future.
  • Connecting Visions … Creating the Future

  • El Mostakbal Operates with team spirit paving the path for developers to achieve new heights in architectural methods to establish Mostakbal City as an icon of Development in the East of Cairo . El Mostakbal is highly selective in choosing its partners which makes it an exemplary new city . Developers in Mostakbal City Possess non-traditional ideas and financial abilities that enable them to execute the best urban projects.
  • One Destination … Different Stories

  • El Mostakbal has redefined the mixed use City with an impressive portfolio of Real Estate Developers . Those Iconic Partners has raised the benchmark and continue to set the standards of Real Estate development.