About Mostakbal City

Mostakbal City Designed as a smart city with a self-sufficient nature, Mostakbal City’s vision comes to life through the establishment of an administrational structure that operates and manages every detail of the development, taking convenience to a whole new level. Boasting an independent operation and management system, the company ensures that all landscape operations, irrigation and solid waste management is catered to for residents’ comfort at all times. By adopting the latest in intelligent technologies, the city provides smart communication between residents and all services available through a mobile application for easy parking, e-payments and streamlining public transportation on par with International mega cities around the world.
Owning a utilities and networks management system, Mostakbal City offers a self sufficient electricity power station for equal distribution, independent potable water and gas pipelines , as well as private security services spanning all gates and city roads to meet the highest standards of sustainability and safety for a hassle-free living experience. Set to become a flourishing economic hub, as well as a hotbed for residential investment and entertainment, Mostakbal City is also powered with optical fiber communication networks to guarantee ultimate connectivity all day long. The city’s unique urban planning was expertly conceived based on extensive market research to provide viable solutions that exceed the expectations of homeowners while attracting Egypt’s leading real estate developers to thrive.

Mostakbal City is considered the first smart green city in east of Cairo with a new concept of modern living, established on extensive marketing studies to satisfy the needs and expectations of the target market of  developers and Investors. It includes all the utilities In addition to huge amount of green areas which was planned carefully to give the actuality for sustainable development which meets the needs of the present and the future environment.