Corporate values


Re-defining the real estate industry by creating a unique mix between our multi-purpose land assets and our innovative plans for Egypt’s largest green city to maximize return on investment for shareholders, developers and investors alike.


Becoming Egypt’s leading Master developer for unique urban expansions by setting a strong foundation for an all encompassing destination that would serve as a model for contemporary real estate development based on market demand, as well as social and sustainable environmental needs.


MIDAR abides by a set of guiding principles that direct its journey towards success. By operating with full transparency across all its business dealings, while putting integrity at the heart of its operations, the company is constantly motivated to deliver the highest standards of quality, as well as an outstanding performance that exceeds both clients and investors’ expectations. Driven by an entrenched belief that innovation is key to seize future possibilities, MIDAR is keen on nurturing creativity that yields unique product offerings, not only fostering the professional growth of its team through mass appeal, but also giving back to Egypt’s economy and the communities in which it operates.