A shareholding company established by a group of real estate developers with the aim of owning development and management of real estate projects. Shareholders are a group of investors who have a long-term industrial record to establish and develop many projects in Egypt are currently being led by a new entrepreneur generation engineer. Sherif Farouk Osman, who represents the young driving force
The Group has expanded its investments and success in just few years.The Group has recently faced the diversification of the real estate sector with a strong financial background along with a proven track record in the real estate market

La Mirada (Spanish: The View) is a distinctive community established in Mostakbal City. La Mirada is offering a new way of living in a friendly and high end community. It is an original and state of the art concept yet economic and contemporary for residents looking for an escape; Also La Mirada mainly offers an apartments and elegant villas.

Engineer Sherif Farouk Osman – Chairman

The name of the project in Mostakbal City: La Mirada

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La Mirada El Mostakbal is a collection of luxurious residential apartments, each cluster of apartments encompasses verdant greenery and water landscapes.

We have meticulously planned each home to suit your requirements offering you peace of mind as well as a lavish lifestyle.