AL AHLY SABBOUR DEVELOPMENTS was founded in 1994 by Engineer Hussein Sabbour, the Chairman,has established one of the first engineering consultancy firms in Egypt to later become one of the most prominent real estate businesses in the country. The company projects cover a wide geographical area in Egypt ranging from New Cairo city moving northwards and southwards to cover areas like the North Coast and the Red Sea. Such coverage includes commercial, residential and touristic projects. Al Ahly today stands as a leading real estate developer as it provides more than fifty five projects all over Egypt.

Projects in Mostakbal City: L’Avenir, ARIA, Green Square, City Of Odyssia .
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L’Avenir is a part of Mostakbal City , and will be built over an area of 99 acres , It provides a Luxurious healthy life style with 90 % green areas and broad services for its elite residence .
With its french style designs it provides ( Town houses, Duplexes and variety of apartments )


Green Square is a part of Mostakbal City , Developed by Al Ahly for real estate development company , and will be built over an area of 80 acres
Project types: Town houses, variety of apartment sizes


ARIA is designed and built with plenty of passion for life and art. Located in Mostakbal city, ARIA resides comfortably on 108 acres of vast land.
ARIA’s vision is inspired by the European living environments and accurately planned cities. When you buy an apartment in a building you shouldn’t be exclusively limited to the apartment, you should aim to buy the environment around it. ARIA is a place where apartments are part of a bigger picture, where services are in-sync with lives, and most of all, it’s a place where all the undesirable necessities are taken care of beforehand.



The City Of Odyssia is not just a city, it’s a story that allows you to genuinely experience and express who you really are.
The City of Odyssia brings together standalone villas, townhouses, twin houses and apartments, all within one connected community that is made alive with its people.

The City Of Odyssia is a vibrant city with a harmony between life, work and play. Offering valuable amenities that include health care, art and culture fairs, music festivals, technology hub, production studios, sport facilities, a luxurious boutique hotel, retail avenue, premium shopping and dining areas and tranquil green spaces.